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Year Two Of Blogging Begins Today

January 24, 2011
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One year ago yesterday I started this blog. I wrote then that "This [blog] is the start of a beautiful relationship" and today I still agree with that sentiment. I wasn't confident that I would be able to follow-through with my commitment to keep this blog maintained and updated but I have proven my own inner insecurities wrong. After one complete year I'm still here, writing to my heart's content, loving the unsolicited workload I've tasked myself with.

And despite being good for an entire year I'm still not completely confident that I can keep writing. I suppose it's just my negativity rearing its head, but my ability to write has of late come with increased effort. Perhaps I'm in a writing dry spell, which is causing posts to become more of an effort, or perhaps its due to a rapidly busying social and work life (which I see slowing in intensity and demand during February). Whatever the cause it is no excuse to shy away from my stated goal of keeping an active blog. If a blog post must take two hours instead of one so be it. After all, it's not like I'm writing for my health, but more for my own enjoyment.

And so here we go, into year 2 of 'hairy' blogging. What knotted messes will be uncovered this year? Let's see!