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Writer's Jujitsu - How to Write When You Don't Want To Write

September 15, 2011
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When you’re sick things kind of stop.

Your body is busy defending itself against invading germs, leaving you with just enough energy to watch TV...

That's how this post originally started. After that second sentence I became blocked.

I always run into this problem. I’ll start writing something and then start thinking, “Who cares?”

I certainly don’t (at the moment) care about what I’m writing. I know what I want to say, and sometimes I’ve already said it to someone in person. What’s the point in repeating it online?

Yet I have this drive from within to publish myself. It’s this drive that's kept my pace of two posts a week steady. It’s this drive that wants to see my words put to the internet and published for all to see.

It’s this drive that sometimes I don’t understand.

Yet maybe it’s not supposed to be understood? Maybe just having the drive is enough to get me to do what I want.

I started writing this blog post with the intention of the topic being about ‘being sick’. I’ve been sick for the past couple of days and its left me with barely enough energy to work. Most of the time I’m just watching TV and letting my body rest.

So when I sat down to write this (hopefully long) blog post about being sick I wasn’t even past my second sentence when I began questing why anyone would want to read about this, let alone write about this.

So I stopped and started writing about what I was feeling at the moment: completely disregard for what I wanted to write about.

That’s what you’re reading right now. This post is mostly about my disinterest in writing about being sick. I did mention that I was sick but it is no longer the focus.

So what is the topic of this post? The fact that I wrote a post. I wrote a post because I wanted to and because I wasn’t going to let the waning interest in my original topic of choice deter me from completing my goal.

I performed writer’s jujitsu and used the momentum of not wanting to write about being sick into writing about how I didn’t want to write about it. Now, some 350 words later you have a well rounded blog post.

So if you sit down to write, and you find yourself not wanting to write about what you wanted to write about, perform some writer’s jujitsu. Use the anti-writing energy and transform it into writing energy. You may end up writing something good. :)