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Working Toward Becoming A Workaholic

November 22, 2010
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Although seemingly antithetical to a healthy lifestyle, I'm in the process of cultivating an addiction to work. This has the end goal of assigning myself the label 'workaholic', with the hoped for side-effect being an increase in works created, produced, and ultimately visible for display and sharing.

Currently I have time invested in the following arenas:

  • Python and Web2py in pursuit of creating a web application
  • Java and Android development in pursuit of an Android application
  • Objective-C and the iOS SDK in pursuit of an iOS application
  • Logic Studio and Music in pursuit of creating songs
  • Final Cut and Videography in pursuit of creating movies

Each of these focuses have areas that overlap along with areas that remain independent. By this I mean some of the knowledge I have gained from learning Logic Studio benefits my musical pursuits, while not having any positive or negative influence on time spent creating a web application.

Previous to my decision to commit myself to working at a general scale I found myself constantly holding my head in agony, pained at the effort required to remember all the various projects and ideas I had thought and begun acting on.

Now I am able to umbrella all of these projects under the one goal of 'Work'. This brings about less pain and clearer focus.

Previously I would commit an unnecessary amount of time deciding what project work on. Now I am free to decide to work and know that there are a plethora of projects awaiting completion.

While once I had five different and independent tasks ongoing, now I only have the one of 'Work'. And this work is work I find to be greatly pleasing. So pleasing that I find it fun.

And fun is the way work should be.