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With or Without: My 24th Birthday

October 12, 2010
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Life is moving far too fast to keep up with nowadays. I’m surprised I’ve even given myself enough time to write this little post. It would have been easier to write this if all the previous events had occurred spaced out, such that I was given enough time to process what happened and subsequently enough time to write out my thought process. Alas, this was not meant to be - but the events that have been are ones that I can not regret for a second.

Where is there to begin? Life just seem to race by, even when - and especially when - you’re staring it right in the face. It’s so odd that after so many nights of fruitless thinking and unresolved wonderings that the answer and resolution come seemingly without prompt, provocation, or beckoning. And yet that is how my life has taken form in the past month - coalescing into a shape that I have yearned for so long and more or less given up hope of ever achieving. Although I was without hope I was not without dream, and it seems my dreams have kept everything afloat.

Yesterday was my birthday, October 11th. I am now twenty-four years-old (24). Time seems to have ungratefully presented itself with years of experience and life yesterday, delivering itself to my waking mind and allowing me to dwell in its vast array of contents. I tried many times throughout the day to understand what this birthday meant to me and the only answer I was able to find was to focus on what I have - to focus on what is with and not without.

With? I am now in a relationship with a very lovely lady who brings joy, happiness, and life into every waking moment of my day. The means upon which this relationship came to be seem mysterious and magically unplanned and all I can do is sit back in awe and appreciate its existence.

With? I am now employed full-time in a position that I greatly enjoy working and learning from. The ability to work with HTML, CSS, PHP, SVN, and more as required by my job is one that I could not be more grateful for. The fear of a job filled with monotony and drudgery is one that has been safely and handsomely avoided. I am now enjoying the wonders of doing work that I love with the tremendous benefit of broadening and improving my skill-set on a daily basis.

With? I have friends who love and care for me and are with me to celebrate my moments of fortune along with caring for me in my times of need. I have friends who agree with me when it’s suited, and who disagree with me when it’s needed. I have friends who always bring me up and try to never bring me down. I have friends who I can call on.

With? I have family who will be there for me forever. Family that I love and cherish. Family that words can hardly do proper justice.

It’s now October 12th and my birthday is over. Forgive me for being emotional in this post, but I felt the need to express my feelings today. It’s been a long day, an emotional day, and the love I feel is one that I needed to share. I love you all. Thank you for letting me never be without.