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Why I Switched My Blog to Ghost

January 6, 2014
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I talked about it last week and the change is finally here.

This blog is now running on the new and awesome blogging platform Ghost.

I'm incredibly - let me repeat - incredibly excited about this change.

In many ways this feels like a reboot of this blog. A new theme and a new engine underneath the hood, I feel incredibly liberated in how I'm approaching writing.

I feel so liberated that I'm actually writing this blog post in the Ghost web editor - something I never did with WordPress.

Before I would write my post in iAWriter and then copy it into WordPress and click submit and wait for the slow PHP engine to click, whirl, and turn. After hitting Publish Post I'd wait as my browser would slowly refresh the page, as WordPress did god knows what with my freshly created content.

It became quite the nightmare.

With Ghost things are fast and nimble. I don't have to wait and I don't have to worry about something weird going on.

Why don't I worry?

Because I'm actively contributing code towards Ghost.

I'm learning the code base and improving it as I go, submitting fixes and helping shape the future of Ghost.

Really Ghost contains my favorite things:

  • it's built for blogging
  • it's open-source
  • it's maintained by a group of awesome people (including me)
  • it's written in node.js.

I mean really, I couldn't ask for more.

P.S. This blog is open-source.