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When Tech Breaks - How My iPad Randomly Broke

May 20, 2012
Read time 2 minutes

Over the weekend one of the strangest things happened to me. I found it so strange because not only have I never experienced this before but I've never heard of anyone else experiencing it either. Even after searching online I couldn't even find anyone that had experienced this same problem.

Over the weekend my iPad randomly turned off and wouldn't turn back on.

I did the perfunctory reset trick, where you hold the power button and the home button at the same time for 10 seconds. Nada.

I tried plugging it into a power charger. Nada.

I tried plugging it into my computer. Nada.

From every possible angle it appeared my iPad was dead. It didn't respond to any outside input and the screen remained as black as the night.

There was no water damage, it wasn't dropped, and it was used with only Apple chargers.

So what happened?

I have no idea, and that's what's driving me mildly nuts. I can have an insatiable curiosity at times and this has become one of those cases.

After I took the iPad to the local Apple store I was fortunate to find I had 13 days left of my warranty, so I got a replacement without any grief. I asked the Genius if he'd ever seen anything like this before and he said no, only in iPhones.

I asked him if he knew what caused this and he said he had no clue, it was impossible for him to open the iPad as it is sealed shut.

So my curiosity remains irked, searching for some sort of closure to this weird aberration of Apple product quality. If you have any idea why and how this happened please leave a comment and let me know.

Personally I'm going to hold onto the belief that it was the drive to PA that caused the iPad to become borked. We crossed into PA for a wedding and the magnetic poles zapped my iPad dead.

Of course that can't be true but it's the only semblance of closure I'll get at this point.

So no matter how well I took care of my iPad it still managed to succumb to Murphy's all powerful law that when something can go wrong it will go wrong.

I just thank the stars that I still had my warranty.

I still have 13 days left to get an extended warranty but I don't think I will. There was no reason this should have happened and if it happens again in the future I'll be forced to sell the iPad for parts.

But man, that was the weirdest thing. When does an iPad just up and off itself? Strange things man, strange things.