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What Happens When I Don't Post?

April 19, 2012
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This is the first time in two years that I have gone more than a week without a blog post. On one hand I feel very shitty about this. I feel like I should be beating myself up for not being more proactive in writing a post.

On the other hand I feel quite liberated.

I think I didn't post anything as a mild act of self-rebellion. For two years I've diligently pushed out a blog post, never mind the quality. However that behavior has began to pale for me. I don't want to read shitty things so I shouldn't be writing and posting shitty things.

Also I had an excuse.

I've come down with a god-awful cold these past two weeks. Last weekend I was all but couch-ridden, watching movie after tv show letting the sickness run its course. (Quick movie recap: Immortals: Stupid movie, fun action. We Bought a Zoo: Anticipated mushiness, but was a quality film for all ages. Highly recommended.)

So with my cold in my back pocket I let these two weeks ride, watching my blog sit and collect a little dust. I expected my view counts to drop as no new material was being written.

But they didn't.

They kept strong, with my previously top read posts remaining my top read posts. It seems like some of my pages are high up in some Google searches as they're constantly hit and read.

It was during these two weeks that I realized that I don't need to mindlessly push out posts of any quality, but take my time with topics that I care about. Then write about them, take my time and when published their quality should speak for themselves.

Or they'll just be ignored. At least I tried.