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What Apple Might Introduce on Monday

June 4, 2010
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On Monday Apple is holding their annual Worldwide Developers Conference. For the past three years Apple has announced a new version of the iPhone at this conference and this year is going to be no exception. However there may be a few other announcements, some that may excite people far more.

Here’s a neat list of what may be announced on Monday.

New iPhone - This doesn’t need any explanation as most people are already aware of what the current iPhone is and what it can do. The new iPhone will come with iPhone OS 4.0 and most probably a front-facing camera. Along with those two improvements there will probably be improved battery life and faster speeds.

iPhone for Verizon Wireless - The likelihood of Apple introducing an iPhone for Verizon Wireless is one that has been debated and hoped for since its introduction. However will this happen on Monday? If you’ve been following me then you would know that I think this year is probably the surest bet, however I have a sinking suspicion that Apple may announce the Verizon iPhone later this year. Patience is a virtue, iPhones are awesome.

Introduction of iTunes.com - Everyone knows about the iTunes Music Store. It’s a place where people can buy and download songs. However what Apple may introduce on Monday is ‘iTunes.com’, a new subscription-based way to purchase and listen to music. The announcement of this would not be a surprise due to Apple’s recent purchase and shut-downof Lala.com. Lala.com of course was a streaming music company. Seems to make sense.

New Mac mini - The Mac mini, Apple’s entry-level desktop computer, has not been updated in almost a year. For an Apple product a year is a long time and most assuredly a sign that change is coming. Couple that with recent news that Mac mini supplies are dwindling leads one to think things.

Updated Mac Pro - The Mac Pro, Apple’s flagship desktop, hasn’t been updated in over a year. This one is almost a shoe-in.

Updated MacBook Air - Same for the MacBook Air - hasn’t been updated in over a year. And with the way technology has improved since it was last updated I can only guess what may change.

MobileMe Service Becomes Free - MobileMe is currently a subscription based service offered by Apple that is somewhat similar to the cloud-offerings of Google. However its $99 dollar cost versus Google’s $0 cost for similar services is one that can’t be beat. Personally I am really hoping that this happens.

So there you have it! Come Monday, 1pm EST, we will begin to know what new products Apple will be selling. Rest assured I’ll have a post up detailing the news!

Have a good weekend!