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What Apple Introduced on Monday

June 7, 2010
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Apple’s WWDC has come and gone. The day was ruled by the (now) newly announced iPhone 4. There was no mention of other product’s being upgraded. As you read in my last post there were possibilities of the Mac Pro being updated along with the MacBook Air and many of Apple’s other products. However that was not to be - the iPhone ruled the day.

If you surf over to Apple’s iPhone webpage they’ve posted a video that is not only a great advertisement for the iPhone but also gives a very good overview of what is new in iPhone 4. If you don’t want to watch the video here’s a brief run-through of its new features:

FaceTime - Video calling on your iPhone. Thanks to the addition of a front-facing on the iPhone 4 you can now have face-to-face chats with anyone else who has an iPhone 4 and is on a Wi-fi network. I can already imagine how amazing it will be to experience this feature in action.

Retina Display - iPhone 4’s display has been vastly improved over the iPhone 3GS. It has 326 pixels per inch, making its screen quality purportedly comparable to printed text. If anything else everything on the iPhone 4 will look sharper, clearer, and more authentic.

Multitasking - I hope this needs no explanation but if it does: Finally you can run apps concurrently. You can leave Pandora streaming in the background as you browse the web on Safari. Yes, please!

HD Video Recording - Record 720p video at 30fps on the iPhone 4. But what good is recording video if you can’t edit video..?

iMovie on iPhone - This one surprised everyone. You can now edit movies right on your iPhone 4. This includes adding transitions, titles, and including an audio soundtrack. This still blows me away.

5-Megapixel Camera - 5 megapixel with LED flash. Also it can do that whole HD Video thing too.

There’s many more features that were announced but really I’d be wasting your time if you read them here. Apple’s site has so many more pretty pictures. I’ll hopefully get some opinions up here later but for now that’s your Apple update. Enjoy! :)