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This is a double-featured Week of Links because I'm so late getting it online. This covers this past week, and the week before that one.

As you can tell these posts are becoming harder to keep on top of, and as such I am going to have to put my 'Week of Links' on hiatus for a little bit. Life has gotten way too busy and I simply don't have the right amount of time to dedicate to these posts. Also I want to start focusing on longer term projects. That means that they'll be less regular updates from me, but hopefully with more things to share when I do update.

For now please enjoy this latest Week of Links.

Test Driving Google's Driverless Car There's no other company that I'd trust more than Google to begin the push towards driverless cars. You may be worried that they won't be as safe but I'd wager that by the time a finished product rolls out for mass consumption it'll be safer than cutting a turkey.

On Set: Empire Strikes Back Reflecting on the Star Wars movies never gets old. A timeless classic.

The ‘Back to the Future’ That Might Have Been From the look of this video I have become bounds more grateful to Michael J. Fox for taking the lead role. It wouldn't have been the same movie - it would have been much less funny.

First Trailer for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Sci-Fi Comedy Paul Seth Green is the voice of the alien, Paul. This looks like Men in Block as a pure comedy, without any overtures to blockbuster-dom or action.

Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: Bruce Willis I've liked many of the previous 'Between Two Ferns' but this one kind of fell flat. Still entertaining to watch.

7 Essential Skills You Didn't Learn in College And now I ask: Why didn't we learn these skills in college? We certainly paid enough.

Here Is a Photo of Zach Galifianakis in a Ladies Swimsuit You know you want to.

Funny or Die Bringing Undercover Karaoke to TBS If you haven't seen the video this article is referencing do so now. Watching Jewel punk a bunch of people at a bar is simply awesome.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Comes to NYC For Season 8 Finally. Right? Finally.

Pitchfork: Watch: My Morning Jacket Play "Letterman" Show I wish I could sing as high as Jim James. And rock a cape like Jim James. Baller.

The Reddit College Cookbook Helps You Stop Eating Like a College Student Hungry? Why wait, read reddit.

Top 10 Fast Food Recipes You Can Make at Home I'm gonna try the Movie Theater popcorn recipe myself. Mark my words if I don't! Mark them yellow, with butter!

When strengths become weaknesses Real interesting read on how once successful business models can become the downfall the company they once helped created.

Your Willpower Is as Strong as You Think It Is, Study Says I think therefor I am?

In 20 Years, We Will Need a Second Earth Should we wait around and find out, or take action now?

Macbuntu Makes Your Linux Desktop Look Like Mac OS X Geek it up.

MediaRover Is Push Sync for Your iTunes Libraries Music it up. I want to try this but I'm hesitant to.

Should Your Company Have a Chief Marketing Technologist? I think this type of job is perfect for me. Just saying.

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