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Week of Links 010

September 22, 2010
Read time 2 minutes

We made it to 10! Wooooo!!

Trailer: Ready, Set, Bag! Trailer for an upcoming film that focuses on the National Grocers Association’s Best Bagger competition. And yes that competition exists and is real, and yes I want to compete.

102 year old lens on a Canon 5DmkII For you photography fans this one’s just plain fun. Some guy managed to frankenstein a 102-year-old lens onto his brand new Canon DSLR. The pictures taken are downright spooky.

Why You Shouldn't Drop Acid and Go to the Movies Entertaining and easy way to kill 10 minutes. This of course assumes that you want to drop acid and go to the movies. As the video will show, that isn’t the best idea.

Nintendo Marks Super Mario's Anniversary With A Commercial The little plumber’s gotten so old and he doesn’t look a day over thirty. Go celebrate the many years of Mario and remember your childhood!

The luckiest bastards alive This video will induce untold amounts of stress. Thank goodness I’m not any of those poor souls.

XFiles Transfers Bulky Files from Browser to Browser Useful little utility that may come in handy. If you have a large file you want to send to a friend you can use this website to expedite the process.

The Most Powerful Colors in the World Blue and red seem to rule. It’s kind of sad there aren’t more colors that exist. Crayola needs to get back to work.

When will the first Earth-like planet be discovered? I doubt this will pan out to be true, but it’s still pretty neat to think about. Maybe we’ll have alien neighbors within our lifetime, although we probably won’t.