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Week of Links 008

Think the Answer’s Clear? Look Again - Medical Statistics Who knew medical statistics could be so interesting? I certainly didn’t. Did you know Academy Award winners are likely to live longer? Interesting stuff in this here article. Have a read.

Arcade Fire – “We Used To Wait” Video You’re going to need Google’s Chrome browser for this to work right, but when it does it’s pretty damn cool. For their music video Arcade Fire has called on technology know-hows at Google to create an experience that is custom tailored to each and every one of us. Pretty damn cool. Go look!

What's the definition of 'obsolete'? Check online This is sad because it marks the end of an era. For a variety of reasons the Oxford English Dictionary may no longer print and sell its 20-volume printed edition - it’s just cheaper to keep it online. At least you can score one for saving trees.

Blizzard says they're waiting for James Cameron for their Starcraft Film I’d go see it. If there’s anyone who could pull off a Starcraft movie, James Cameron is certainly one.

The Future of Screens, Circa 2014 Watching this video I can’t help but pause and reflect at how advanced our current technology already has become - and how easy it will be to create the technology exhibited in this video. Sure it may not be cost-effective to mass produce these devices yet, but the technology is certainly already available. Absolutely amazing.

Unhearit Gets that Song Out of Your Head with a Catchy New One This is a cool idea for a website although some of the songs played to help you ‘unhearit’ are decidedly worse than what is playing in my head. Ah well.

Cee Lo Green - FUCK YOU (Official Video) This video has already gone viral and with good reason: it’s hilarious. Definitely NSFW but wait till you get home to watch - it’s very much worth it. Great song and video

Stephen Hawking: "Big Bangs Happen" I really love the simplicity of this quote. Covers all lose ties as neatly as they are frayed. Awesome.

Radiohead-Approved, Fan-Shot Concert Movie Released If you’re a big Radiohead fan - which I am - then you should definitely check out this video. Radiohead fans took and compiled hand-held footage of a Radiohead concert and it came out looking really good. Go look!

The Basic Guide to Troubleshooting Common Windows PC Problems I haven’t dug through all the information contained in this link, but if you are a Windows novice I heavily recommend you take a few minutes to peruse through this article. From the looks, it’s jam-packed with awesome information.

Web packets in flight Ever wondered what was going on behind the scenes when you watch a YouTube video? This video provides a nice and easy-to-follow animation of the technology that powers and operates YouTube. Check it out.

Freak Out Your Coworkers With Google Docs Konami Code You have to do this inside of an open Google Doc window, but it’s really funny once you see what happens. I plan to do this as soon as I can to an unsuspecting friend.