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How to make a famous Sci-fi/Fantasy writer happy Best thing of the week. By far. You won’t be able to beat it. Seriously.

20 Things I've Learned From Traveling Around the World for Three Years I’m envious of this man’s past three years. It’s one thing to be able to travel the world, it’s an entirely different (and better) thing to be paid to do it. Some of the things he’s learned are also quite heart-warming and encouraging: maybe there is hope for us after-all

New 747-8 Flies With One Million Pound Cargo This is something you just don’t see everyday. And really, just watching it isn’t all too impressive either. But imagining and remembering that on board the plane is over 1-million pounds of weight, and it still is able to fly, is truly amazing. What will man do next?

Legend of Miyamoto If you’re a fan of Nintendo, or video games in general, you will love this video. My hat is off to the creators of this video and to my friend who tipped me off to its existence.

Jimmy Fallon’s Got Talent: Impersonations Did you know that Jimmy Fallon is great at impersonations? No? Take a look and see him embody the likeness of other great persons.

Drink till you drop I’m trying this out right now: drinking 2-3 glasses of water before I eat. It seems to be working: I feel more full and satiated in my meals without having to eat as much. I say give it a try.

Icons of the Web This site may be a little confusing at first but once you understand what it’s doing it’s really cool. Basically it’s making a graph of the top million web sites on the internet and scaling their icons according to how much traffic they received in early 2010. As you can see Google takes the Gold with distance to spare.

The World's Biggest Drum Machine It’s a YouTube video and pretty self-explanatory. From the creators of the music creation software Reason.

Yahoo now officially powered by Bing in US, Canada As a geek this makes me sad. The Yahoo search engine is, for all intents and purposes, gone. R.I.P. Y!.

YoYoFactory Present: Jensen Kimmitt 2010 World yoyo Contest 1A 1st Place The things this man can do with his yoyo are absolutely ridiculous: I wish he could teach me. In any case, click through and let your jaw drop with awe.

Call phones from Gmail This is real cool. I tried it and it works. And you know what happens when I try things!

Whoops! The 10 Greatest (Accidental) Inventions of All Time Fun read only for leisure, nothing amazing or important contained therein. Still fun. Did you know Play-Doh was invented by accident? Wow!

Birthrate Is Lowest in a Century My kids are going to have such a small kindergarden class. Lucky for them.

Blockbuster filing for bankruptcy next month? Probably. This is really sad. Everything I loved from my child hood is going away. What’s next, no new episodes of TMNT?

Future Rock Band And this YouTube video is a nice way to round out this week of links. I would love to see a making-of video but this one serves nicely enough. On that note, I really want to play this Rock Band game, like tomorrow.

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