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Sorry about the delay for getting this post online. It’s been a wickedly busy week and I figured it be better to take my time with this post rather than rush it. Lots of great goodies for you here. Read on, and enjoy!

Watch a School Bus Go 367 MPH On Fiery Rocket Power Look at the paint job on that thing. And forget about indigestion, this thing is farting fire.

Famous last words Last words from the lips of famous and talented authors. Anton Chekhov’s last words make me chuckle and sigh.

How The INTERNET Works If you’ve ever wondered how the internet works, what hardware and software goes into its’ being, then click on over to this great infographic that gives you a wonderful overview of the inner workings of the Internet.

The Oregon Trail - Official Trailer If you grew up in the 90s then you probably crossed paths with the old Mac game, Oregon Trail. It’s a game that was as informative as it was funny. Here someone made a faux-trailer for a movie based on the video game, and boy it it funny.

Looney Tunes exclusive clip: Coyote Falls Remember the old Road Runner cartoons? Seems like it may be making a comeback - in 3D. I wasn’t sold on the idea until I watched the small preview clip. Seems to retain its old spirit, and so long as it does that then I’m all for it.

More Billionaires Sign the Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge This is quite possibly the most amazing thing that has happened recently: Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have gotten at least 30 billionaires to sign a pledge to give away more than half their fortunes. Although in no way binding, this is an awesome and great step forward for philanthropy as we know it.

Google Wave flatlines: no plans to further develop standalone product, future is in other Google services Sad knows for all the geeks out there: Google has decided to halt all work on Google Wave. One can only speculate what Google Wave could have become had Google continued work on it. At least we can take comfort that all the progress and cool technology made for Google Wave will continue to live on in other products like Google Docs. Long Live Google Wave! We knew you too late!

The Etymology of 10 Musical Genre Names In case you’re interested on the origins of the term ‘hip-hop’ or ‘country music’ this is the link to check out. Who knows if it all happened as stated, but it’s sure entertaining to read.

Youtube Movie - The Video Website ('Social Network' Parody) - Facebook Funny parody of The Social Network’s trailer, made YouTube style. Check it out for a great dramatization and satire of the beginnings of YouTube.

10 Pieces of Gorgeous Geek Jewelry Anyone want to buy me the floppy disk necklace for my birthday? It’s hip to be flip!

Think Twice About What "Everybody Knows" Due to this article I no longer make my bed immediately in the morning. Read it to find out why.

Can you buy me now? Apple and the war for the mobile market Great editorial on Apple, Google, the iPhone, and Android. Read if you’re interested about these topics.