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Week of Links 001

I’m starting a new type of post on my blog. Previous to today I would make a new post for each new and interesting link that I found during my internet travels. It’s been fun, and helped increase my post count, but overall I’ve begun to feel as if each of those types of posts are unnecessarily bloating my blog.

So as of today (and going forward) I’m going to be posting - usually weekly - a collection of links with commentary that I have found interesting. These posts will help compress the amount of “bloat” posts that I’ve previously written, and also make for an easy reference of the latest happenings on the internet.

Let’s get started with the inaugural Week of Links post, number 001!

'Avatar' Heading Back to Theaters This August This title kind of tells all you need to know. Avatar was so successful that they’re pulling a Titanic and Lion King and re-releasing Avatar back into theaters in hopes of making a few more bucks - which I’m sure they will.

So if you missed Avatar when it was first released, and you want to experience it in IMAX 3D (which is definitely worth it IMO), here’s your chance!

Wilco – “Bull Black Nova” Live Video If you’re a fan of Wilco and live performances then you should click on this link. This is Wilco performing their song “Bull Black Nova” off their latest album Wilco (The Album) on the live performance website La Blogotheque. If you have more time to kill today definitely watch more live performances from other artists on La Blogotheque.

Google Maps Gets a (Much-Needed) URL Shortener Not sure if you ever sent someone a link to a Google Maps route but if you have you would know how long those links are. Google has begun testing an URL shortener for Google Maps, making their links much easier to share. Great improvement.

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner dies at 80 In case you haven’t heard the news, long-time New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner passed away this last week. He will be missed.

Get a Free Year of Amazon Prime with an .EDU Address Amazon Prime is a membership program that gives you unlimited free two-day shipping on almost all items offered by Amazon. The only catch is it costs $79 to be a member for a year. However if you buy many items from Amazon the costs of shipping might offset the membership cost.

However all this doesn’t mater if you have an .edu e-mail account. Currently Amazon is offering a free one-year subscription to Amazon Prime for all students with a .edu account. Go and sign-up now and enjoy the perks of being a student.

Poof! After Wireless, the Computer Mouse Turns Invisible Researchers at MIT have created a motion tracking system that allows you to use your hand as your computer’s mouse. Looks pretty cool. Check out the bottom of the link for the technology in action.

1000Memories.com The first actually tasteful website I’ve seen for those with deceased love ones. Check out an example 1000Memories page on their website and learn about this really great service.