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Verizon iPhone Update

May 12, 2010
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These Verizon iPhone rumors keep appearing.  And I keep eating them up.  Oh how I yearn for the Verizon iPhone.

In today's edition of "Verizon and Apple Sitting in a Tree: i-P-h-o-n-e-y" I have one update.

Summarized nicely from MacRumors:

Pegatron has been contracted to make a CDMA iPhone, insiders claimed today. The scoop is short but would have the ASUS manufacturing arm building phones that would likely go to Verizon and possibly other carriers as well. A deal would help Pegatron take off as a major supplier, DigiTimes said. ... But this is not the first time Pegatron has been singled out as the manufacturer for a Verizon-compatible iPhone. The Wall Street Journal first revealed that possibility back in March. ... The WSJ believes that the next iPhone will launch this summer, but the CDMA (Verizon) iPhone won't begin manufacturing until September.
That makes some nice sense to me.  Keep an announcement of a Verizon iPhone secret until September to discourage people from waiting.

Well I guess I'm just going to either wait for an early surprise announcement, wait until September for the announcement, or look silly waiting for a ghost.  And for the record: I aint afraid of no ghost.