Harry Wolff

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Varieties of Sleep

August 8, 2011
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The varieties of sleep come in complex shades, each version informed of the day past so it may shape the day ahead. While grey remains the primary color there are other hues that are infrequently used. A night of blue sleep is deep and murky - not unlike the ocean deep. A pink sleep is one of levity, awash with pastels and twisted dreams.

It is not always possible to remember a dream. In turn it is at times impossible to remember the character of your sleep. The morning you wake bogged and weary, holding a head twice its usual gravital pull have no given thanks to the night's sleep. The rest that usually accompanies the repose has been overlooked, forcing your hand toward an unfit morning and languid day. The day crawls while you starve of R.E.M. While you count the minutes to 5pm you remember the great difficulty you had leaving your bed. You yearn to return but fear if its covered warmth will remain uninhabitable. Yet what other options remain?

The spring in your step and the joy in your smile arrive with the morning. They salute the sleep that afforded their existence, grinning as the morning is accomplished in a wink. The day may feel shorter but its journey is awash with anecdotal episodes of sublime enjoyment. Long after the day's peak has eclipsed sleep beckons your return, urging you close with memories of relaxation and serenity.

The game of sleep is played by all. There are no soothsayers of its nightly outcome: did you wake up lucky? However you'll always have another opportunity to win. Wait the day away and return to have another go around. After 40 winks wake up with a smile and enjoy the spring back in your step.