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Updated Blog Theme, Using Twenty Eleven

January 5, 2012
Read time 1 minute

For a while I've been itching to use a new theme for this blog. That's why starting today I've switched over to using one of the latest WordPress default themes 'Twenty Eleven'. Some of the things that I love about this theme is its awesome readability, support of post types, and compatibility with all the plugins that I use.

I intend to slowly make edits and customizations to these theme so don't be shocked to see things moved around one day. To be honest I was hoping to have more customizations ready to show off today but time wasn't my friend.

It's my expectation that this new theme will make reading my blog more enjoyable. There is now much more white space around the text, making the process of enjoying the words a little less cramped and a little more fun.

This theme also gets rid of the fixed menus on the left. I liked those guys at first but I've grown to find them very annoying.

Also something else that I'm excited about with this new theme is its support for Aside posts. An Aside post is an update that is usually a link to a trailer or a cool YouTube video: something which I want to share but doesn't need a full-fledged post. I hope to take advantage of this short-form post and share even more fun links I find throughtout the day.

Till next time.