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Typing On An iPad

November 30, 2011
Read time 2 minutes

I love my iPad. It's one of the most portable and versatile devices I have ever known. It can seamlessly switch from being a web browsing device to a full screen video game without much effort. I'm able to check my mail on it as well as read a good book.

Due to its size and portability I also try to get work done on it as well. The type of work I do nowadays makes great use of a keyboard to type either code or words. The iPad has a pretty darn good onscreen keyboard however I'm not sure what's the best way to use it.

Typically when I want to type on the iPad I hold it horizontally and tap the letters with my thumbs. Each letter I hit one at time until the word I want to write appears on the screen.

Compared to my laptop this is horribly inefficient. On my laptop I have all ten fingers going, moving to hit keys and make words fly on the screen.

I can't do that on my iPad. Am I even supposed to do that on my iPad?

When I've tried to type on my iPad with 10 fingers I inevitably run into one of two problems: the first being I must now find somewhere to rest the iPad against as my hands are no longer being used to hold the iPad upright. That usually ends up being my lap which results in cramps if I stay in that awkward position of knees held too high to get the iPad at a good angle.

The second issue I run into when typing with ten fingers on my iPad is that my accuracy level not only plummets but because I can't rest my palms on the side of the iPad's screen I must have them hover over the iPad in an awkward 'dracula-like' pose that becomes increasingly harder to hold as time passes.

So when I do type on my iPad I revert to a hunt and peck model, one finger at a time finding the key that I want to hit. It's terrible inefficient. However what it lacks in efficiency it makes up for in focus as when I am typing on my iPad that is all that I am doing at that time. There are no distractions that'll pull me away from the sentence that I am currently writing. It'll just take me double the amount of time to type it.