Harry Wolff

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Two Matters of The Mind

March 7, 2011
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The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Yet the wasting of one's mind cannot always be prevented. There are only so many hours in a day and attempts to complete all desired tasks are unattainable. I won't dare to state the impossibility of such feats for I am sure those of more unique positions are capable of fulfilling and living their dreams daily, however for myself the possibility of completing all that I wish on a daily basis is close to impossible and far from easy.

It seems that my mind daily rotates from topics of extreme rigidity such as programming and coding, to those of fanciful imaginings such as the poems that I write and sometimes post to this blog. Yet for me to enjoy each of these passions in one day is hard to obtain, for the time spent on each focus - and done well - detracts from the time allowed for the other (all this without concern for the time taken to switch between).

So what am I to do? What I have been doing: working on one topic to its completion and then journeying over to the other focus and resume or begin a work that is otherwise incompatible with the former. Coding and writing both make use of my fingers on the keyboard however the intent and focus of each are at odds. The former requires precision whereas the latter demands freedom. To write a line in a program and then a line in a poem is a feat I have yet to perform nor seen done with seamless integration.

And so I will go forward, as only one can, completing tasks as I am able, learning from all my persuasions and incorporating them while remaining stable.