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Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History

February 9, 2010
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I love finding artists before mainstream media does. It’s an acquired skill, one that is mostly luck and perseverance. There isn’t a science to it, but there are ways in which you can increase your odds. In this particular case I have the Hype Machine to thank for this new artist discovery.

There are times when my enthusiasm for finding a new artist overshadows the actual talent - for Two Door Cinema Club this is not the case. Since getting my hands on their debut album Tourist History (released 3/1/10 in the UK) I have not been able to stop listening.

Two Door Cinema Club’s Tourist History is a carefully measured upbeat album that never strays from its intentions. The first track Cigarettes In The Theatre opens with a quickly strummed high-pitched guitar that is then immediately joined by a sweeping guitar riff and energetic drums; lead singer Alex Trimble begins to sing, It starts in the theatre, a night of encounters/If I hadn’t been there, if not for a cigarette, the snare is hit, a beat is taken, and the album takes off. Welcome to Tourist History.

Do You Want It All, the third track, is a solid song. All aspects are good - bordering on great - whereas the chorus left me wondering. On my first few passes through the song I found the chorus catchy - but mostly repetitive and annoying. As I continued to listen to the track my sentiments changed and I found myself singing along. It wasn’t until I walked away from hearing the song and found myself singing the chorus aloud to myself that I knew the track was a winner. Nothing special at first --- but damn did it grown on me.

Their upcoming single is Undercover Martyn and it rocks. Quite possibly the apex of the album - however it’s hard to say because each track is stellar. The song starts off with Two Door Cinema Club’s well practiced and delivered energetic rhythm however it breaks itself down to give room for the gently delivered lyric And she spoke words that would melt in your hands/And she spoke words of wisdom/To the basement people, to the basement/Many surprises await you/In the basement people, in the basement whilst building excitement and intensity. The song is a gem and I encourage you to give it a listen.

Tourist History is a powerful debut that (I hope) will lead to success for Two Door Cinema Club. When I read the following quote from Phillipe Zdar - who mixed the album - it gave me a better understanding and greater appreciation for Two Door Cinema Club, “Their stuff was already tight - I was just able to give big bass, big highs and something a bit large! They are completely crazy about music - there is not one hour when they don't listen or download something from a blog. They remind me of when I was a teenager.”

[audio:Two Door Cinema Club - 03 - Do You Want It All.mp3|titles=Do You Want It All]

[audio:Two Door Cinema Club - 07 - Undercover Martyn.mp3|titles=Undercover Martyn]