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Transcoding Final Cut Pro X Media

October 9, 2011
Read time 1 minute

Today I’m doing some video editing work in Final Cut Pro X. One of the neatest things about Final Cut Pro X is when you import media into an Event, FCPX automatically begins to transcode your media into Apple ProRes 422.

This is great because when you edit your movie, and all your media is in the same video format, it makes the whole experience much easier and faster to use.

Rendering time to apply special effects is cut down. So is cutting clips and rearranging them. Everything works better.

The one down side to transcoding your media is the extreme toll it takes on your computer’s CPU. In certain configurations it’s enough to make the rest of your system unusable while you transcode.

Fortunately I’m equipped with a 2GHz Core i7 MacBook Pro with 8GB of DDR3 RAM. This makes the entire experience of transcoding much easier.

However it does amuse me how much FCPX sucks down CPU resources when it transcodes.

Case in point: