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Today's Top Tech Headlines

October 12, 2011
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Today was an insanely busy day for tech.

Let’s recap just so our heads don’t spin off our shoulders:

Apple Released iOS 5 to the public. This set off riots of upgrades, overwhelming Apple’s servers and preventing hundreds of thousands from upgrading to the goodness that is iOS 5. Dark times.

Apple released OS X 10.7.2 which brings iCloud compatibility to OS X. Now you can access all the neatness of iCloud directly from your iMac or MacBook. One of the coolest goodies is photo stream: take a picture on your iPhone and zap! It’s waiting for you in Aperture or iPhoto. Nice one Apple.

Google was rumored to buy Akamai, one of the largest CDN’s around. Then the rumor said they aren’t going to buy Akamai. I’m hoping for a new tech rumor to come out tomorrow that Google is going to buy Exxon Mobil to power their new data centers with gasoline. That’d be amazing.

Renown author Steve Yegge accidentally published a Google+ rant about Google’s institutionalized inability to become a platform like Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. He took down the mistakenly public post only to have it reposted across the interwebs. As the old saying goes, if you want something to be private don’t put it on the internet. Then again, the rant was excellent, and a very fun read.

Every blog under the sun had 20+ posts about Apple’s new launches today. I swear to god, I’m never going to see a doctor again for as long as I live. (That is in reference to the old saying, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’.)

Oh and I'm proud to mention that GetGlue and company (that means me!) released some new code into the wild, making our site the best its ever been (just like what every code release does: make things better). [Of course that’s ignoring code regressions, but those don’t count - rather I’m not counting them here.]

So that’s the world of tech, today, October 12th, 2011. Tune in next week folks!

Update: In more somber news Dennis Ritchie, creator of the C programming language, passed away today. A moment of silence for this great and hugely influential man.