Harry Wolff

You can't escape my laugh.

Today, Is Rain

November 4, 2010
Read time 1 minute
Today, is rain. Today the rain is a drain on my brain, Falling down and hiding sun rays.

Oh, how I cannot know, From where the drops of dew fall, Pushing down and spreading apart The leaves that lay around.

The time, The time to leave is earlier, For the weather has shown peculiar, Pulling back the usual quickness of travel, Forcing all those in commute to slow down and ramble.

Around town the conditions are poor, (The beggars have all gone indoors) Umbrellas abound unbounded by v'lcro, (Doorways are littered with their wetness) And so the day continues forward.

Today, is rain, Rain around my brain, Cooling as it warms my core.