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Tips For Buying a Tripod

September 9, 2010
Read time 1 minute

Who knew buying a tripod could be so complicated?

For the past hour I've been trying to track down some good information on what makes a good tripod well, good.  I started off with the preliminary Google search for 'tripod' which didn't exactly pull up too many winning results.  I poked around CNET's reviews of tripod's but their interface can confuse and irritate, which it did for me at this occasion.

My second search I let Google help: I typed 'tripod' into the Google search bar and waited to see what was the second suggestion.  Turns out 'tripod reviews' is searched almost as much as 'tripods'.  Looking through that search results page didn't seem to be much of an improvement until I saw two highlighted video results.  One linked to a video hosted on Vimeo.  It was so good that it spawned the creation of this post, and my inclusion of it here.

So if you're in the market for a new tripod, or interested in what to look for when buying one, take about five minutes to watch this video and learn what's important.

Tips For Buying a Tripod: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV