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This is the start of a beautiful relationship…

January 23, 2010
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Last time I counted I’ve been the unsuccessful creator and successful destroyer of three blogs.

One I began and stopped in High School (shouts to my co-blogging friends from back-then).

The second blog was made mostly in private. I’m not sure if a blog needs to be public to be considered a ‘true’ blog, but this one was updated ad-hoc between the first and second blog.

The third blog I began about six months ago. It was off to a good start - ultimately stunted by my continuous state of mental flux.

So let’s go for broke. This is blog #4.

I’d make a promise and say, “This blog will be online until Skynet takes over!” But hell - promises aint worth their weight in sand nowadays.

In any case, here we go. Let’s have some fun. :)