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The Magic Bullet To Write More Often

November 10, 2011
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Every so often I get the idea that if I were to blog underneath a different name I'd blog more often. I get some weird idea that because I actually blog as my 'real life self' that I'm inhibited in what I say and how I often I post.

To that I call bullshit. If I wanted to blog more often I would - pen-name be damned. The only real reason I don't blog as much as I want to is because other things in my life get in the way. Like work. Or social life. Or just living. You know, that thing that is done away from the computer. Something that I don't take part in nearly enough.

Sadly I don't call bullshit on myself nearly enough. Sometimes I'll get so carried away that the magic bullet to get myself to write more is to create a new anonymous alias for myself, register a new domain name as anonymously as possible, and then blog posts will just start to flow.

That's a crock of shit and I know it. Although sometimes I wish there was a magic bullet to get me to post more. And then I start setting up a new WordPress blog, and before I know it I've wasted 3 hours not writing a blog post and having nothing to show for my time.

Ah well. So it goes.