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The Jitters Of [a] New [Job]

May 8, 2011
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Tomorrow I start my first day of work at GetGlue. I'm nervous, excited, and anxious all rolled into one fluffy ball of dough. This fluffy ball of dough is wound so tightly right now that even though it's tired from being kneaded all day it remains stubbornly against the idea of going to bed - even at this already late hour. Midnight is due to strike in exactly a quarter of an hour from the time of this bread of dough writing these words and the thought of tossing and turning in bed is so much more alarming than the eventually regret of dreadfully weariness on a Monday that will feel nothing like a Monday.

I'm due to catch the 8:37am train from Stamford into Grand Central. My iPad is charging in my room while I write, and my iPhone is lying limply alongside its resting big brother - waiting for me to bring in my other charger and give it full juice before the next morning of adventure and new-ness begins.

Aha! What excitement awaits! So much excitement! It's waiting!