Harry Wolff

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The Internet Sleeps

July 18, 2011
Read time 1 minute

It seems there is an unspoken but upheld rule that the Internet sleeps on the weekend. Unlike the frenzy of the work week, the Internet - as a whole - seems to go into a quiet vegetative state as soon as the clock strikes 5pm on Friday.

It's a gentle change, one that often goes unnoticed. It's a change from refreshing a website and seeing one new post instead of ten. It's a change from having 10 friends online instead of 60. It's a change from rush to leisure.

The common thought is that the Internet is always on and always being used. This is anything but the truth as it is very easy to see a distinct difference in the level of activity on a Wednesday compared to a Saturday.

It seems that people as a whole take a break from their online life on the weekend. Their desire to update the Internet about their latest adventure doesn't seem as important as actually living the adventure. The desire for attention and publicity ebbs as the human body demands rest, putting the Internet to rest as a result.

This may not be true for you and the friends you keep. That's fine, but come next weekend look around some of the more publicly used websites and notice the type of information being shared and the quantity. If you find no change in use I'd be quite interested to hear where you found this abnormality.

For the rest of the Internet using population: enjoy the weekend. It's yours to do with as you please. The Internet will be around when you get back, awake or asleep. Just be gentle with it on Monday morning - it's waking up from its weekend sleep just like you.