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The Difference Between Numbers and Letters

October 4, 2011
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Most of my day is spent working with numbers and equations. That’s a big part of coding. Putting logical expressions into code for the desired outcome. Commonly the desired outcome is a functioning website.

What’s a functioning website? It’s a website where you click on a link and you go to the new page. Contrast that to a non-functioning website where you load the page and your browser freezes. That’s what bad code can get you.

While I mostly think in numbers and math throughout the day I do have my literary impulses as well. I’ve exhibited them on this blog before. Sadly I don’t get as many opportunities to exercise the literary side of my brain on a daily basis as I would like.

It’s very difficult to switch from logical expressions to literary prose. It’s very close to running at full speed and then attempting to immediately pivot to start running the opposite direction. That’s what switching from numbers to letters can feel like.

That’s why I sometimes plan to have a day of letters. A day that I can just sit down and focus on prose and vocabulary, creating fanciful ideas and sentences of worlds not as strict as ours.

There need not be such a strict separation of Number and Letter however I have found that focusing my efforts in one area allows for the results to be of higher quality. I much prefer quality over quantity.

Every so often I’ll have a day that’ll seamlessly integrate these two polarities of the mind. Those days I cherish. On those days I find true inspiration - be they number or letter.

I can’t force those days, but I can let them occur. I’m looking for the next one to occur soon.