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The Boxee Box, Lethargy, and Performance Anxiety

November 15, 2010
Read time 2 minutes

Over the weekend my friend's Boxee Box arrived in the mail. If you don't know what a Boxee Box is then the easiest way to catch you up to speed is for you to check out their website, Boxee.tv, and to know that in a large part the Boxee Box is akin to the Apple TV - in as much it allows you to play video on your TV. The cool part about Boxee is that it allows you to play pretty much any type of video file, unlike the Apple TV which limits you to only one type of video file.

I had it in my mind yesterday to record myself opening the Boxee Box and give a little video overview of what the device looks like and how it operates. Ultimately this plan proved semi-fruitful: I managed to set up my camera and record myself opening the box, ramble on about how cool it was, however after reviewing the video I found that for a large portion of the video my head was cut out of frame.

This is the trouble of being your own DP (director of photography).

The ill-framed footage can be easily rectified by re-recording, however by that point my lethargy - which I had been fighting off all day - had reasserted itself and the notion of enjoying more TV watched through the newly opened Boxee Box sounded too appealing to pass on. And so that's what I did: I quickly hooked up the Boxee Box, propped myself on the couch, and lazily played with the new gizmo from my seated position.


Writing this now I wish I had perhaps enjoyed a second cup of green tea to get me through recording some usable footage. I may yet re-package the Boxee Box and mime opening it a second time to get some better footage. What surprised me about recording last night was how different it feels to be the person in front of the camera - performing for the camera. It gave me an odd feeling of anxiety that I feel will pass as my level of comfort increases.

Sadly, all I have to share with you today are these written words. Perhaps (and hopefully tonight) I'll have a vide of the Boxee Box to share as well. I will not make any promises, because if I do make a promise and break it then I'll feel downright rotten. So instead here's to hoping.