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I started this blog without direction. I hoped that as I wrote entries and grew I would be able to hone the scope of what I post. I don’t think I’ve narrowed what I will or won’t post, but I do think I have come up with a solution that better encapsulates what I post. My…
April 18, 2010
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A Friendly Friday Blog Update

The latest incarnation of my blogging career, this blog you’re reading right now, was started on January 23rd this year. By my count that’s a little over two months of blogging with a grand total of 23 posts written so far. I’m having fun. The past times that I have attempted…
April 2, 2010
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New Design, Same Direction

In case you haven’t noticed I am now using a new design. I changed it this afternoon but I haven’t had a chance to gab about it until now. This new theme is called blog.txt and is the hard work of a fellow named Scott . Thanks Scott for your work! I hope this design makes…
March 10, 2010
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Music Tuesday

I had a very snowy Tuesday morning. After going to bed at an unusually early hour I woke up at two odd intervals during my sleep. First time was at 2am when I have the barest memory of making myself a piece of bread and butter. Second time was at 8am and resulted in an hour…
February 16, 2010
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