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Don't Deal With It, Fix It

I've used Sublime Text for a long time. I started using it when it hit version 2 and clung to it like all hell was about to break loose. It fit my needs well. Opened nearly instantaneously, had sensible defaults for editing, and a lush and vibrant community of third-party…
April 23, 2014
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No Operating System Is Perfect

Often I am asked what is better: Mac or PC? In my earlier years I would stubbornly argue for the PC, spouting off various facts, opinions disguised as facts, and general rhetoric to insure my point was proven. In 2007 I made the switch to Mac. Now when the question was posed…
December 1, 2010
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The Human Condition (or I Hate Being Human)

Attention: The views expressed below are not wholly descriptive of my own, they retain an expository style meant to impart the feelings contained. I hate being human. I realized this suddenly and strongly the other day. I also realized it with a sigh of relief: it may well be…

iPad Doodle 2

I drew this doodle around the same time as my first doodle. Figured it couldn't hurt to share. For clarity's sake, that's a mirror on the table.
July 26, 2010
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Music, the conscious arrangement of sound. It’s as old as us. Music is in our bones. It's in our hearts. Be it rain hitting a gutter or a harp being strummed: music is universal. Yet there are so many different types of music. No piece exactly like another, each as individual…
June 8, 2010
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