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Music: new Dirty Projectors and The Walkmen Albums Coming This Year

I'm beyond words to describe my excitement right now. Two of my favorite artists are putting out new albums this year. Dirty Projectors is finally releasing the follow-up to their amazing "Bitte Orca". They just posted a video for the upcoming single off the new album and it…
March 31, 2012
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Amazing Lytro Camera Now Available

Lytro is one of those amazing companies that has created a new piece of technology that is wildly like nothing else. Lytro's cameras are able to take a picture that can later be refocused to any point in the image. What does that mean? If you took a picture of someone and…
February 26, 2012
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iPad 3 Coming Soon

The biggest news item today is from none other than that little electronics company Apple Inc. According to AllThingsD Apple is planning to launch the iPad 3 in the first week of March. This isn't that surprising as the iPad 2 was released during the same time last year…
February 9, 2012
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New Sleigh Bells Song "Comeback Kid"

Sleigh Bells is gearing up for their second album. In preparation they've released the second song off their soon-to-be-released Reign of Terror album titled "Comeback Kid". From the sound of it Sleigh Bells definitely knows who they are and what their sound is, and they're…
January 16, 2012
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New Theme, 'Ari'

If you can't tell, I've changed the theme of my blog. The old one was beginning to grow old for me. I liked a lot of what it did, which is why I haven't switched to a radically different layout, but I was yearning for something a little more fresh. (Also the font choices on…
September 6, 2011
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Excellent New TV Season Begins

So many TV shows have resumed their TV seasons in the past two weeks. Among them are True Blood, Weeds, Louie, and Futurama. What does this mean for me? Frankly, my productivity level is going to dip as I'll be spending less time in front of the computer, and more time in…
July 4, 2011
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Redesign of Wolff Technologies

Today it is my great pleasure to present to you the redesign of my freelance web design company, Wolff Technologies! This redesign has been in the works for just over a month, going through quite a few changes in concept and approach. I've decided to go back to a design style…
June 8, 2011
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At Work: Redesign of dLife.com

Redesigning a website is never a light task. Depending on the size and breadth of the existing website it can sometimes be a horribly arduous undertaking. Yet usually redesigns are for the better. Without the pain of change there can be no joy from progress. For the past…
March 1, 2011
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My Verizon iPhone Is Coming!

For over four years I've waited for the iPhone to become available on Verizon's Wireless network. My wait has finally paid off. Come next week I'll be the proud owner of an iPhone.
February 5, 2011
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Let's Try Some New WordPress Themes

It's been almost a year that I've had this blog using the default WordPress theme "TwentyTen". Well, it's about time for a change! So feast your eyes around...there's new decorations everywhere you look! In case you weren't sure, this theme redesign is a work in progress that…
January 26, 2011
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Week of Links 013

I know it's late. Life's getting busy. You should be able to enjoy what I've found for you here. Let me know what you like best. Also I'm sure you've noticed the new 'Week of Links' graphic. Courtesy of Rachel. Thanks Rachel. :) The Many Reasons We Procrastinate, Including…

Week of Links 012

The Original Prototype Of The Super Soaker They just don’t make ‘em like they used to - if they ever used to make ‘em like that. I wonder if one of those prototypes ever found its way onto eBay - and what price it fetched. That’s like a kid gold mine right there. The multi…

100 Posts and College Graduation

This post marks two awesome achievements for me: I have, since last Thursday, been a college graduate, and this is my blog's 100th post. I was going to post about my graduation on Thursday - when it happened - but I delayed it so that it would strike on the 100th post. For a…
July 13, 2010
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Mayer Hawthorne - A Strange Arrangement

If you live in the New England area and you haven't gone outside yet today let me save you the trouble:  it's blisteringly hot out there.  I had the luxury (or medical necessity) of sleeping in late today and I just stepped outside to test the weather, and I think the weather…
June 25, 2010
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Xbox 360 Kinect

In case you didn’t know Microsoft is releasing a new add-on for the Xbox 360 later this year called Kinect. What is Kinect ? In brief it is a webcam that you attach to your Xbox 360 that is able to track the motion of your body so as to use your body as the controller for…
June 22, 2010
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Official Week of Music – OWoM

This week I am declaring as my Official Week of Music. I haven’t posted an album review or highlighted any good artists in a while and I think it’s time to take some time and do just that. I’ve actually accumulated quite a nice collection of artists and musicians that I am very…
June 21, 2010
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Learning About MacGuffins

Every day that I learn something new I consider a success. Sometimes these new-found pieces of knowledge are nothing more than old thoughts and ideas repackaged. Or sometimes they’re displayed from a different perspective. Or sometimes they are truly new to my knowledge-base…
June 20, 2010
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WordPress 3.0 Has Been Released!

WordPress 3.0, the blogging software that runs this blog, has been officially released to the world - and I have never been more excited. When I clicked over to the official WordPress blog on Thursday afternoon (which I have been doing every day religiously for the past two weeks…
June 19, 2010
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Goldeneye 007 coming to the Nintendo Wii

This is the most exciting news I've read today.  If you grew up in the 90's and had a Nintendo 64 console then you played Goldeneye 007.  I was (and still am) a huge fan of Goldeneye 007.  I even tried to play it a few years after it came out when the next generation consoles…
June 17, 2010
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The Walkmen Announce Lisbon

Happy news for me! One of my favorite bands, The Walkmen , have just announced their new album. Titled Lisbon, it is set to come out September 14. Pitchfork has the full scoop . And if you want a taste of how awesome The Walkmen is check out their music video for their…
June 16, 2010
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23andMe Genetic Testing

I love new and cool technologies.  This ranges from the supreme laziness afforded by an iRobot Dirt Dog to the awesome laziness afforded by a Segway .  Yet these two gadgets pall in comparison to my somewhat fanatical interest in a (relatively) new company called 23andMe : I…
June 11, 2010
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What Apple Might Introduce on Monday

On Monday Apple is holding their annual Worldwide Developers Conference. For the past three years Apple has announced a new version of the iPhone at this conference and this year is going to be no exception. However there may be a few other announcements, some that may excite…
June 4, 2010
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Arcade Fire Announce New Album

Arcade Fire has announced the title and date of their upcoming album.  Called The Suburbs, it will be released August 3rd of this year (be sure to check out the source link for the cover-art )  I've added it to my Music Release list page for easy referencing.  Also two songs…
May 27, 2010
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Music Release List

Hey, so, I realize that I've been making a lot of posts about music, mostly album reviews.  I've been having a great time listening to these albums, writing the reviews and hearing feedback from you.  However my ability to stay up-to-date and organized in terms of release dates…
May 26, 2010
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Your TV Experience Is Changing

Everyone seems to be talking about TV nowadays. Everywhere I turn I’m seeing new technologies being created to alter how people currently use and interact with their TV. I can’t say this is bad news - technology tends to improve what already exists. Let’s take a look at what’s…
May 25, 2010
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Google TV Coming Soon

This is fresh news from last week:  Google announced an upcoming product called Google TV.  It's Google's try to make TV better.  Imagine watching a TV show and wanting to look up an actor name:  you activate Google TV that hovers over your show and lets you search for the actor…
May 24, 2010
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Verizon iPhone Coming This Year?

Every year I clamor for the release of the iPhone for Verizon Wireless.  In my opinion the iPhone is one of (if not) the best smartphone currently available.  The only other phone that I feel comes close to the quality of the iPhone is either the Nexus One or HTC Inredible - both…
May 11, 2010
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3 MP3 Tuesday

Not much to say here. I got three (3) new songs that I want to share. Let’s get on with it. First up we got a new budding group calling themselves 1,2,3. They’re coming at you from Pittsburgh, PA and they got some sweet energy. Check them out on their MySpace page , but for…
March 2, 2010
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