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Migrating from Slate to Hydra

For the longest time I have used Slate as my window manager of choice. Slate does what it aims to pretty well. It lets you create your own configuration file to define how you want slate to control your system. Mostly I use it to do two things: 1, I use it to create hot-keys…
July 26, 2014
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No Operating System Is Perfect

Often I am asked what is better: Mac or PC? In my earlier years I would stubbornly argue for the PC, spouting off various facts, opinions disguised as facts, and general rhetoric to insure my point was proven. In 2007 I made the switch to Mac. Now when the question was posed…
December 1, 2010
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Week of Links 014 & 015

This is a double-featured Week of Links because I'm so late getting it online. This covers this past week, and the week before that one. As you can tell these posts are becoming harder to keep on top of, and as such I am going to have to put my 'Week of Links' on hiatus for a…