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Guitar Recordings On Soundcloud

I find playing guitar to be hugely relaxing. Every so often I'll pick up my acoustic and begin strumming some chords. It soothes my mind and nerves and lets me creatively explore my musical impulses. I first started playing guitar way back in 1999. Or it may have been 2000, I can…
September 4, 2011
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The Creative Mind Resurfaces

I've been trying to write anything recently without much success. Every time I think about opening a document to write something I balk and fearfully run away, believing whatever I would have written wouldn't add up to much. It's not something that I call writer's block. It's…
February 24, 2011
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My YouTube Channel

I made my YouTube account about two years ago and haven't done much since its creation.  That changed last week when I uploaded a new video and made it public. When you click over to my channel you'll see that I have three videos uploaded.  I had an idea around a year ago to…
April 22, 2010
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