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Writing Is Like Creating a Product

When I sit down to write I typically bring my engineering mind to the task. It's the part of me which requires that 2 comes after 1, that every part of a whole is carefully planned out, sized up, and evaluated before any form of actual creation truly begins. The engineering side…
January 29, 2015
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Building an Entire Product in 6 Weeks (How we built the Chartbeat Paid Content Tool)

A little while ago we released our Paid Content product after two consecutive six week sprints. The first six weeks were spent creating the MVP , and the second six weeks were spent polishing it up. This is the breathless tale of those first six weeks. Part 1: Research This…
July 9, 2014
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Color: A Game To Test Your Matching Skills

This is really cool. Built entirely with native browser technology Color — Method of Action is a game that tests your ability to match colors based on hue, saturation, complementary, analogous, ternary, and quaternary. Fun.
January 24, 2012
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Google Reader Redesign

Google Reader released their updated design yesterday . I haven't had a lot of time to play with it but what I see so far I like. The updated design is minimalistic and stays true to the other design updates Google's been applying to their other products. Google Reader even…
November 1, 2011
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Let's Try Some New WordPress Themes

It's been almost a year that I've had this blog using the default WordPress theme "TwentyTen". Well, it's about time for a change! So feast your eyes around...there's new decorations everywhere you look! In case you weren't sure, this theme redesign is a work in progress that…
January 26, 2011
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Announcing inipsa llc

I've been playing around with web design and development since I was thirteen years old.  That was when I picked up a copy of HTML & CSS For Dummies .  It was also the time of Geocities and HTML3.01.  So many things have changed since then and I've done my best to change with…
May 25, 2010
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New Design, Same Direction

In case you haven’t noticed I am now using a new design. I changed it this afternoon but I haven’t had a chance to gab about it until now. This new theme is called blog.txt and is the hard work of a fellow named Scott . Thanks Scott for your work! I hope this design makes…
March 10, 2010
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