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Why Haven't I Been Blogging?

Ugh. I haven't written a blog post in two months. How miserable is that? I don't really have any real excuse for why. I have an explanation as for why, which I guess could work as an excuse, but that's a pretty lame way out of explaining myself. Which is all I really want to do…
March 31, 2016
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Why I Switched My Blog to Ghost

I talked about it last week and the change is finally here. This blog is now running on the new and awesome blogging platform Ghost . I'm incredibly - let me repeat - incredibly excited about this change. In many ways this feels like a reboot of this blog. A new theme and a…
January 6, 2014
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My Ghost Wishlist (Coming From WordPress)

December 30, 2013
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Blog Stat Anxiety

I try really hard to ignore the stats for this blog. I try. I really do. But it’s so damn hard sometimes. I like seeing my daily visits go up. It makes me feel popular, liked, appreciated. No one wants to be the last kid picked for the basketball team. They'd love to be picked…
March 16, 2012
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New Theme, 'Ari'

If you can't tell, I've changed the theme of my blog. The old one was beginning to grow old for me. I liked a lot of what it did, which is why I haven't switched to a radically different layout, but I was yearning for something a little more fresh. (Also the font choices on…
September 6, 2011
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There's a certain amount of comfort that comes from habit. It keeps things predictable, which in turn lets you worry less because you know what to expect. It's much easier to go about your day with expectations than having to constantly relearn the behaviors around you. There's…
July 27, 2011
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Year Two Of Blogging Begins Today

One year ago yesterday I started this blog. I wrote then that " This [blog] is the start of a beautiful relationship " and today I still agree with that sentiment. I wasn't confident that I would be able to follow-through with my commitment to keep this blog maintained and…
January 24, 2011
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Nothing To Write Home About

All work and no play makes Harry a dull blogger. It's not his fault that his work is working him in overdrive, or that he is taking on many side-projects in his free time, or that he is trying to lead a social life. It is not his fault that he has somewhat of a writer's block…
January 14, 2011
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The Dangers Of Over-productivity

Oh! How I wish I had time to write a full fledged post today! Oh, How I Wish! But alas the day has dragged me forward, Preventing even the beginnings of good thoughts to be placed online. Oh, what woe! Oh, what neglect! Oh how I wish I could not have wished to be left a mess…
January 4, 2011
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Finding A Wider Audience

When I was in theatrical plays I would rehearse my lines in my room. Over and over I would repeat my lines. I would read them in my head and then repeat them aloud. After a few strong read-throughs I would begin to act out my lines, performing to the phantom audience in my…
December 20, 2010
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Aurgasm and Javier Dunn

Through my internet browsing I stumbled across firstly this awesome music blog Aurgasm, and on it they have posted two songs from a relatively unknown artist named Javier Dunn. I haven't been able to stop listening to his 'If You Go' song. Definitely head over to the post and…
November 27, 2010
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WordPress 3.0 Has Been Released!

WordPress 3.0, the blogging software that runs this blog, has been officially released to the world - and I have never been more excited. When I clicked over to the official WordPress blog on Thursday afternoon (which I have been doing every day religiously for the past two weeks…
June 19, 2010
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I started this blog without direction. I hoped that as I wrote entries and grew I would be able to hone the scope of what I post. I don’t think I’ve narrowed what I will or won’t post, but I do think I have come up with a solution that better encapsulates what I post. My…
April 18, 2010
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Although I never promised that this blog would be updated regularly I still feel I should explain (to anyone reading) why updates occur haphazardly. Let’s start with this blog as Commitment #1. (Although I feel it’s too early for this blog to be considered a ‘commitment’ - it…
February 3, 2010
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