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First Impressions of AngularJS 2.0

Over the weekend I created a clone of Hacker News with Angular2. I've read a lot about the changes Angular 2 will have and I wanted to see for myself what it would be like to create an app. What would it be like? How will it be better than Angular 1? Will I enjoy writing an…
April 21, 2015
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Building Hacker News With Angularjs

This week Hacker News announced its official API. This is really great news. Prior to this official API all 3rd-party apps resorted to scraping the website to as their data source, a brittle and unscalable practice. This new API provides a standard and efficient way to create 3rd…
October 9, 2014
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An easy introduction to AngularJS

November 25, 2013
Read time 4 minutes

Weekend Project: Bring The Salsa

July 8, 2013
Read time 2 minutes
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