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Submitting My 23andMe Saliva Sample

April 19, 2011
Read time 1 minute

My 23andMe kit arrived in the mail today. A nicely colored box was what I found in my mailbox, greeting me to myself.

Opening up the box I saw some directions on how to submit my sample. They were clearly described and the pictorial directions proved ever so helpful.

The kit itself wasn't at all intimidating. I'm positive if I had an extra test tube to play around with for fun that is exactly what I would have done.

After waiting for a little over 30 minutes to make sure that my saliva sample would be of good quality I began collecting my spit sample in the test tube. It took a little longer than the 2-5 minute average described on the directions but I'll just chalk that up to nerves. I hope it won't affect my DNA results (that's a joke).

And with that I'm done! The kit is on its way back to California to be analyzed. Now I await my results!