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Simplify - Removing My Connecticut LLC

October 7, 2011
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For the past two years I've run a freelance business under the name of Wolff Technologies LLC. This was a registered business with the state of Connecticut, that paid a Business Entity Tax (BET), and held legal existence.

I say when because I've decided to close down the LLC. I wasn't taking advantage of what a LLC had to offer and the cost to maintain its existence no longer out-weighs its benefits.

Not only that but because my freelancing is a passive job I wasn't pulling in enough income to comfortably offset the cost of the BET. The BET tax in Connecticut is a flat fee of $250 for the right to exist as a corporation in CT. I can understand the justification for why it exists however I'm not a fan of paying that fee every year. No one is a fan of all taxes but for me especially it is not worth paying the BET tax for the benefits of an LLC that I wasn't using.

So I'm consolidating and rolling all my freelance work under my name. I'll host my portfolio of work here and blog when appropriate about the work I'm doing for my clients.

Now I gotta work on creating a portfolio page here. It won't be too hard. I hope. At least it'll give me a nice excise to redesign this blog.