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Short Term, Long Term

January 12, 2012
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Here's a quick idea for a website.

Focused on the interpretation of current events the editorial style is one that discusses the short term and long term effects of news.

With a tentative name of ShortTermLongTerm.com the site would make digesting and reacting to current events easy.

The easiest example right now is with the looming SOPA vote:

Short term effects:

  • Mostly none. Sites will continue to operate without any immediate interruption.

Long term effects:

  • Your favorite websites might experience occasional and sporadic spouts of downtime, going dark and unreachable as IP infringement inquiries mount.
  • New novel companies are limited in their creative scope for fear of attack through the SOPA act. If Facebook were to have been created post-SOPA they could face early attack and downtime due to complaints.
  • Future laws piggy-backing off SOPA arise and are based leading to tighter control over the Internet by the Government. Big brother becomes real and a threat to daily internet use.

I'd love to create this site however I'm not sure on what's the best approach: maintained by editors or a community.

What are your thoughts?