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Shopping on Fab.com

December 9, 2011
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I love shopping at Fab.com. The entire experience - from browsing to opening the package - is enjoyable and fun.

Like other flash sale sites Fab.com has a daily newsletter that lets me know what sales are going on that day. Coupled with their app I'm usually hit with a double whammy each morning. E-mail and notification letting me know that I can get my shop on. I've thought about stopping the e-mails however I use them as a reminder to browse when I sit down to my computer.

Fab.com's website is cleanly laid out. I'm able to quickly scan the day's items to see if any pique my interest. I'm given just enough information to know if I want more details or if the entire sale isn't to my liking.

Clicking through to a sale's detail page shows me just the information I need to know if I want to make a purchase. I'm told what the product is and how much it costs. Using the smart technique of showing me the retail price and then what I'm actually going to pay makes that much more willing to click the buy button.

Buying the product is similar to any other merchant page. Credit card information and shipping information. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now the real fun begins when the box arrives. Proudly slapped on the top of the box is a proud Fab sticker and a Thanks sticker. The first time I saw this I immediately smiled.

Opening the box I found my order safely packaged and a little postcard that made the entire buying experience unique, rewarding, and friendly.

And on the back:

No Fab.com, thank you. =)