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Say Hi To Couplytuna

December 22, 2011
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What is on my mind? What is something I want to write about that I don't usually write about.

I could write about the Rails app. I guess it's about time. I haven't written about it yet at all. For all anyone would know I've never ever touched Ruby or Ruby on Rails.

That's simply not true. I've talked about my Best And Worst project on here before. About how I refactored it from a web2py project to a Ruby on Rails project. That was my first time really touching Ruby or Rails in any protracted manner.

So hey folks, I want to finally share with you a project I've been working on for the past 3 months or so. The project's working name is 'Couplytuna', so named after a particularly creative hyper episode.

What is Couplytuna? It is a place to find date ideas. As simple as straightforward as that. Intended mostly for those already in a relationship, Couplytuna aims to make the sometime difficult question 'what should we do tonight?' a sinch.

Built on Rails 3.1 this marks my second foray into Ruby land and my first time being exposed to Rails' new asset pipeline (which is in sore need of stronger documentation).

What else is there to say about the app? It will be crowd sourced so that ideas are generated by its users, letting people upvote their favorites and downvote the poor ideas.

I plan to launch with a simple baseline of features, including sign up and sign in through Facebook or e-mail, the ability to add a couple of meta information to each idea to make filtering easier, and I'm still on the fence on whether to include a commenting system for the first release. The main factor at this point is definitely the development cost. So, we'll see.

One last exciting feature of the site is something I'm currently calling a 'tunatwist'. A tunatwist is something that can be added to an idea to make it more exciting and fun. For example, if one idea is to 'go out for a night of bowling' its tunatwist could be to 'have a drink after every strike'. The goal being of course to take an already fun idea and make it even better.

I'm hoping to launch a beta of Couplytuna in January. Right now the two main roadblocks are the commenting system and a new and improved name for the site.

If you have any ideas for possible names please leave them in the comments or send me an email. All suggestions are welcome, only one will be chosen.

Thank you!


Stay tuned! (Like a TV)