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RIP Steve Jobs

October 7, 2011
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MG Siegler wrote a very touching piece on the passing of Steve Jobs. He wrote:

And we’re now in an age where technology is becoming increasingly important to everyones’ lives on a daily basis. The fact that we have to push forward without the best mind in the field is quite frankly, a little frightening. Others will step up. But there will never be another Steve Jobs. The world aches knowing that.

MG touches on many true points as to why most people feel so sad about Steve's passing.

However I feel like there's a deeper reason that hasn't been properly elucidated. Hopefully in the next couple of days I'll have a clearer picture as to why I feel the way I do. For now I don't really know.

Right now I'm far too emotionally confused to understand why I feel the way I do.

Yes Steve died too soon.

Yes his products affected everyone they touched.

And yes it's scary to think of a future that won't have Steve's direct influence.

Ultimately the passing of this powerful man elicits an emotional response equal to the one he had on you. This varies for everyone, but it exists for many.

RIP Steve. :( You are missed.