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Review: iA Writer for the Mac and for the iPhone and for the iPad

March 9, 2012
Read time 3 minutes

They say the clothes don't make the man. I'm inclined to disagree.

At least in this case.

I just purchased, downloaded, and installed iA Writer from the Mac App store. It's what I'm writing this blog post on.

If I had to put into one word my reaction to this program it would be: awesome.

Well, I feel that kind of undersells how much I'm loving this application right now.

The type face is clear. The background is comforting. And the cursor icon, that beautiful little blue bar makes me just want to type, type, type!

The more I type the more I push the blue bar forward. And it's dizzying just watching it jump across my screen. It makes me forget that I'm writing a blog post, letting my ideas flow, and preventing me from worrying if I'm making sense.

Stop. I am making sense right?

Yes? Moving on then.

I first installed iA Writer on my iPad. It shortly became my default writing app. It opened quickly which is always a top priority for me. When I want to write, I want to write. (omigod - aside: the auto-markdown feature on the mac is awesome. Just used it for the first time.) If it takes more than 3 seconds, hell, 1 second for the app to open then I'm annoyed. I can feel the thoughts slipping out of my head while I stare at a stalled screen. iA Writer nailed that out of the park from day 1.

When I'm writing I want to focus on my words. I want to focus on my words and the sentences they construct. Sometimes I want to focus on the paragraphs that my sentences have created but that should only be done when I revise. I need to be stricter about that, but ah well. iA Writer let's me focus on my words. It blurs its edges, and the surrounding sentences, letting all my attention bleed into the line I'm currently writing. From my mind, through my fingertips, to iA Writer. It's beautiful.

Yesterday I was getting near fed up with my writing app of choice on my iPhone. I was preparing myself to look through the App Store to find a suitable alternative. Wouldn't you know it…yesterday iA writer released an update to their iPad app, making it Universal. Universally awesome is more like it.

Now I have iA Writer on my iPhone and my iPad. And it uses iCloud.

Last night I played around with the iCloud feature of iA Writer. It was delightful. I'd edit a line on my iPad and stare at my iPhone. Soon enough the changes just appeared there. No effort, no buttons pressed, just pure syncing joy.

It was at that point that I knew I needed to enjoy the benefits of iCloud on my Mac. And hence my purchase of iA Writer for the Mac today.

It's on sale right now as well. Only $8.99 instead of its usual $18.99. If you like to write at all I strongly encourage you to pick up this app.

It's also on sale for the iPhone and iPad (universal app, remember?). It's only a measly $0.99 instead of its usual $4.99 for the iPad and $0.99 for the iPhone? That's what it says on iA Writer's website. I'm not really sure what that means. Long story short: it's cheap.

I give iA Writer the Harry Wolff 5 stars out of 5. And I don't usually give out 5 stars willy nilly. In fact, this is the first time I've given anything any stars.

iA Writer. It's that good.