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Quick Picture Posting


The first picture app I started using was Picplz on my Android phone. There wasn't any other options for me to go to. At the time the app that had all the media in a tizzy was Instagram - and they were iPhone only.

But I wanted to post my pictures - easily and quickly too! And starting out picplz handled that quite handsomely. So I went on my merry way, snapping pictures on my Droid and using picplz to get them online quickly.

And then the Verizon iPhone came out and I gobbled one up as fast as I could. I installed both picplz and Instagram on my phone right away - Instagram to try out and picplz to resume my account.

I tried out Instagram quickly and swiftly After running through its basic feature set I deleted it out of a sense of loyalty to picplz.

I should let it be known that when I first started using Picplz its quite affable and friendly founder - Dalton - quickly followed my account and liked a picture of mine. I further went on to write an unofficial WordPress Picplz widget that was again liked by Dalton and praised by other Picplz users. All of this instilled in me a relatively strong sense of loyalty to Picplz that I find kind of hard to break.

So today I'm on my second day of vacation in Miami and ready and willing to share my experiences through pictures. I would normally turn to Picplz to help me accomplish this task however recently two points of friction have caused me to not use Picplz as frequently.

The first point is largely subjective however one I cannot shake: Picplz feels slow on my iPhone. It feels slow to boot up, slow to start taking a picture, and the recent filter upgrades are confusing and cumbersome to select the filter of my choice. Also the stream views of other members is slow too as it appears it uses a simple WebView to load the stream (which I assume makes cross-platform development quite easier). However the app feels slow and I don't enjoy using it as much as I used to.

The second point of friction is unique to my preferences: at the end of the day I want control of my pictures. I want the ability to download them in one lump sum and retain a sense of ownership of them. I want to feel like they're my pictures, and not just a product of using a company's product.

To both those ends I'm increasingly looked toward WordPress as my defacto tool to post pictures online. Not only has the recent upgrade of the iOS WordPress app added the very neat quick photo feature - making picture taking ten-folds easier - but when taking the self-hosted WordPress route there is a wonderful feeling of security knowing that all my photos are being kept within my own environment and under my control.

My only qualm in turning towards WordPress for all my quick photo sharing needs is it polluting my otherwise wordy blog stream. To suddenly introduce frequent ad-hoc pictures into my RSS stream would break the uniformity of my blog and the content I have since produced.

My ideal situation is one that allows me to keep my WordPress blog and introduce pictures alongside my wordy posts. Through the use of a specific photoblog category I should be able to parse my post types and keep one blog that houses both my wordy posts and picture posts. From there I will have my ideal set-up and go forward blogging and photoblogging to my hearts desire.

I'm not sure if a plugin exists that already accomplishes this task but if there isn't I'm fairly certain I'll take it upon myself to produce one. Hopefully I'll have the time to do it sooner rather than later.