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Plugging Away At All My Tasks

June 29, 2011
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Right now in my life I am confident that I am trying to do too many things at once. Theres no doubt in my mind. Each day I seem to add a new todo to my already full todo list, and each day that todo list never seems to get any smaller.

For starters I have my full-time job as a web developer at GetGlue. It's a job I sorely love. It lets me do what I love: websites - and there isn't much more that you could ask of your employer. Yes the hours are long, the commute can be wearisome, and the amount of sleep slim, but the goal that we as a company are racing toward is great, promising, and hugely, largely, immensely enjoyable. And at the end of each GetGlue workday that is what I take home with me: the fun I get from working alongside like-minded people and being able to work with peers of similar interests and passions. The work I take home with me from GetGlue is amazingly fun, and without that element I dare say I'd be able to survive otherwise.

But I'm a freak who loves the work I do so much that I assign myself additional tasks while away from the office. These tasks are of the same variety as the work I do at GetGlue, but it's done during my leisure time - as leisure time. My main side-project right now is a self-hosted todo list application that I have named 'forgetmenot'. I'm slowly but steadily nearly a 1.0 stable release that I am greatly excited about. Often times I find myself working on this program on the train rides into and out of Manhattan. I download the necessary files I need to work offline and set myself up with my laptop, coding away as the train whisks me into Grand Central. It makes the commute go by so fast.

On top of the aforementioned tasks I have in addition, in no particular order: posting on this blog (whose frequency I want to increase to twice a week), exercising to keep my mind in as much shape as my brain, freelance website work for clients and friends, and I'll throw in daily living commitments, such as showering and eating (they take up so much time :P).

I'm not sure where I find the time to do everything that I want. Many times I definitely feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything that I want. I wish I could save up on time and spend it when I wanted. But time doesn't work like that. I am very much at its whim, not it mine.

So ah well to all that. I'll just keep plugging away, doing what I'm doing. Living and learning and growing. Thankfully there doesn't seem to be any short supply of that.