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Picplz Widget for WordPress

February 10, 2011
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I am quite excited to announce that I have created and published my first open-source piece of code: an unofficial Picplz Widget for WordPress! You can see it in action right here on my blog! Just look to the right of the page!

Since finding Picplz I have immensely enjoyed using their service to easily share pictures online. Until recently the only way I was able to share my Picplz account on this blog was by using a static image that merely linked to my account and showed my Picplz user page.

Earlier this week Picplz launched their API which opened up the ability for anyone with the technical know-how to access their pictures and account information direct from Picplz.

Oh! I have so much I want to say and my fingers aren't fast enough to type them!

So with Picplz's new API I set to work creating a WordPress widget that will allow anyone with a Picplz account and WordPress blog to easily show off their Picplz pictures directly on their blog! Huzzah!

Not only do I believe this is the first WordPress widget for Picplz but it is also my very first piece of published open-source code. Aha! So exciting for me!

On top of that I've never created a WordPress plugin or widget before. So armed with a positive attitude and the intention to get it done at all costs I set forward on a crash-course to teach myself how to create a WordPress plugin.

The following sites proved invaluable to my learning:

Without a few years experience with the WordPress software I am sure that this endeavor would have taken at least twice as long to accomplish. And hey - I firmly believe anything can be done with a hot cup of tea by your side! Thank you Lipton!

So please enjoy my Picplz WordPress Widget. It was fun to make and I can't wait to dream up what changes should be added for its next release. Let me know what you want to see in there and I'll do my best to make it happen.

Thank you!

Click here for the Picplz Widget