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On Writing And Blogging Healthily

December 19, 2011
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20111219-224920.jpgWhen is there time to think? Or rather, when is there time to write? When all the hours of the day are spent concentrating to create feats of engineering how can I then kick back and let the literary imagination flow?

I’ve long struggled with these conflicting desires. Throughout the day I code. I wrestle with logic and math to bring to reality the ideas of how a website should behave. And more often than not when then day is done I'm left exhausted, my mind wrung out and needing some valuable time to rest undisturbed.

I read the words of many programmers by day, writer by night. From my vantage point it doesn't seem to require much effort of them to go from symbols and operations to commas and similes. Of course that is me looking in, unable to know what it is for them to be the ones writing and looking out.

It occurred to me recently that I can't approach writing as simply a hobby. When I view this blog as only a hobby I don't give it the full credit it deserves. It'd be very easy for me to skip a week of writing if this blog was only a hobby, but the thought of reneging on my almost 2-year long promise of writing at least once a week causes me to wretch with disgust.

I loved writing while growing up. Unfortunately most of days are now spent writing in code, and not in the English that I was once so familiar. Keeping this blog lets me stay close to those roots. It's something I have to do for myself.

Sometimes I get very worried about what I'm going to write about. In fact that's one of my biggest frets nowadays: the fact that my blog doesn't have any consistent topics. Sure there’s a few things that I write about more often than others, but there isn't one single type of post that can be counted on a consistent basis.

When I do try and find a consistent topic of what to write about I either bore of it quickly or begin to doubt its worth. By that point I'm screwed and nothing ends up being written.

If you're reading this post I'd like for your help. What type of posts do you most enjoy reading? These introspective pieces? Music reviews, movie reviews? Links to popular culture items? Posts on how to program and the pitfalls that are encountered along the way?

Please let me know. I'm very curious to hear.